Car Unlocking Service

If you accidentally lock your keys in your and are looking for emergency unlock car door service, call us. We are a 24 hour car unlock service in Austin,TX. 

We provide 24 hour car unlock service in Austin & surrounding area. 

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Car Unlocking Service

Pop a lock austin.
pop a lock service in cedar park
Car Unlocking services.

I forgot my key inside the car

Car Unlocking Service

Key locked in car ignition

Unlock car door

Locked myself out of my car !

Who to call if keys locked in car

Call us !!! Car Unlocking service in Austin

We have all been in a position where we have locked keys in the car or locked your self out of the car. 

We understand, and won't take advantage of your situation. We offer car unlocking service at an affordable rate. Our prices are fixed, irrespective. 


Reasonable rates than pop a lock service.

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Car Unlocking Service Rates

Car Unlock Service in Austin

If you've locked key's in a car and want to get your car unlocked, call us for fast & efficient service. Car unlocking service at a reasonable price.


Obtaining the keys from a locked vehicle involves manipulating the door, lock and/or window mechanisms in the vehicle. Due to the delicate nature of this operation, damage occasionally occurs to the door, lock or window mechanism. 

We are NOT responsible for incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience or commercial loss. Also, this service is not recommended for vehicles with tinted windows,We are NOT responsible for damage to window tinting. No other warranties are expressed or implied, apply.

We are a 24-Hour car un-lock dispatching service that connects users with independent service providers in their area. Those service providers are partners with but not employed by Pronto Rides. We only  connect customers with a local service provider, not  provide the service itself.

By calling our service, you agree not to hold us responsible for any damages or loss.